Abducted and Absconded

Abducted AND absconded? At the same time?? Life is complicated enough without this monkey wrench. But there you have it, or maybe you don’t. Well, as of this writing there are about 7-9 billion people inhabiting this green globe, depending on your source, and of that number maybe 1% claim to be abductees. Since this figure is conservative, the actual number is much higher.

My husband Sam and I attended a UFO get together last week in Stratham, NH, which featured author, lecturer, and abductee Travis Walton. Travis was the subject of the film Fire In The Sky, aired around 30 years ago. His book, by the same name, chronicles his abduction while working for the National Forest Service in Arizona in the early 1980’s. He and a few friends drove right into the site of a UFO fishing expedition and Travis was zapped while running towards the UFO. He was knocked down and then carried off into the craft, perhaps for rehabilitative purposes, since he appeared harmed. Six days later he was returned 12 miles from the abduction site. His story chronicles his capture, examination, and then release from these strange beings, some of which were considered “Grays” and others “Blonde Nordics.” Over time, and with the aid of hypnosis, he was able to uncover his memories.

During an abduction, what seems to occur is a study of the human, and in some instances with females, impregnation while in the UFO craft, usually by IVF or a similar medical procedure. Additionally, abduction is intergenerational, and while not every family member experiences it, there is a line of abductees in families. When we study wildlife and animals, we catch them, tag them, take bodily samples, and then follow their progress. Ditto with the UFO occupants. Believed to be far more advanced than humans, their leg up would account for their superior techniques. When we consider what we have accomplished in a mere 100 years, with the advent of automobiles, airplanes, TV’s and even telephones, it is easier to envision the advances even we would make given another 100 years, or 1000….or a billion….providing we don’t do something stupid like blow our planet to smithereens.

Many abductions occur late at night and what transpires has some researchers refuting abduction in favor of sleep paralysis. The difference, however, is the person under sleep paralysis has a local experience. They can’t move, start to panic, and maybe even sense something sinister hovering in their room. This may owe more to imagination than anything truly creepy, as one is in panic mode. In an actual abduction, the event is not localized, and the person leaves the room and is taken to a whole different setting, while communicating with other beings telepathically. An exam follows and perhaps sperm or ovum are extracted, as well as samples of hair, skin, and nails. In cases of impregnation by the aliens, removal of the fetus may occur.

Researchers Budd Hopkins, the head of Intruders Foundation and author or multiple books, author and professor David Jacobs PhD of Temple University, and John Mack MD of Harvard University, who is also the author of published abductions,  have uncovered at the very least a few thousand genuine abductee experiences, all of which follow a fairly predictable pattern.

The experience includes several key elements. Intense flashes of light, a buzzing sound, feelings of severe anxiety and fear, a presence, paralysis, and in some cases implants in the person’s body, evidenced by scars or awareness of an implant.

I too am an abductee, with experiences going back at least as far as my grade school years. During summer boating trips, I would find myself on the bow of our SeaRay during the night, with no idea how I got there. Abductees are often “returned” to the site of the abduction, which may have been the case with me. A ride on a strange craft during my grade school years, has puzzled me all my life. I was seated next to a window and could see the stars in the sky as we traveled through the otherwise darkened skies. In the present, my last recollection was when I was 43 in late 2004. I was asleep in bed next to my husband Sam when I heard this buzzing sound that had occurred many times over my life, and which heralded my abduction. Once this buzzing occurs, the fear factor is off the charts. Our outside window was lit up by bright red lights, the type you’d see on a stage in the theater, as they scanned the interior of our room and then settled on me. I was lifted off the bed, screaming bloody murder (I am not a screamer, which was a strange reaction for me), while my husband slept undisturbed. I could not move anything except my eyes, and could only watch helplessly as I was carried on the red beam through my window. This is all I remember. In the morning there were blood spots on my pillow and I had a sore nose, of which a small bead of some sort could be felt at the very tip. Two or so weeks later, the bead was gone. Was this a tracking device?

The mostly grainy images of UFO’s one sees on the Internet, are disappointing at best. Perhaps the incredible speeds plus their craft’s distance, account for most of this lack. However, in 1989, Ed and Frances Walters of Gulf Breeze, Forida snapped some of the clearest UFO photos anywhere. near a submarine facility in nearby Pensacola, where alien craft is often witnessed, perhaps to monitor our nuclear arsenal. Experts at Polaroid analyzed their results and deemed them authentic. Since they were polaroids and there is no negative, the photoshop question was out of the question.

With the Freedom of Information Act, several thousand declassified documents related to UFO’s have been released to the public.  And while Project Blue Book was terminated in 1969, there were hordes of files relating to UFO’s during its tenure. The denial by government officialdom as to the evidence of an alien presence is laughable. So why the hush hush? Travis Walton feels there may be Government involvement in or behind the UFO’s. Not necessarily for subterfuge but perhaps to quiet the population so as not to cause a collective panic attack. Who knows



An Argument for Eternal Life

Death is such a frightening scenario, yet all of us must face it one day. A friend recently lost her companion, which is why I wrote this blog.

We are inundated with theoretical explanations for death and the afterlife, but I wanted to look for deeper, empirical answers to the age old question: what happens to us when we die?

Personally, I believe religious and scientific explanations for death  are not mutually exclusive. The two tenets are espoused as polar opposites, yet there is evidence they may be speaking the same truth, just in different languages.

German born theoretical physicist Einstein developed the theory of relativity and is famous for one of many quotes: “Energy can neither be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.”  So where does the energy go when one dies? It must go somewhere, yet the corpse of the body that once held life is now “dead” and soon decomposes. End of story, right? Not so fast – the energy is no longer “present” in the dead, or there would be evidence of it, in the same strength it left. Which means it “left.”

Dutch scientist Dr. Maureen Venselaar has researched hundreds of “Near Death Experiences” also called NDE’s. Many of us are familiar with the research of Drs. Moody, Morse, and Kuber-Ross, citing more narrative versions of the NDE.  Venselaar has taken her research to a deeper level, including scientific analysis, specifically astro-physics; not just “supernatural” but neurological explanations.

While all these researchers agree on the phases of the NDE, there ARE elements that can be analyzed and explained. Maureen states that as we die, our bodies release what she calls “exotic energy,” which religions refer to as consciousness/awareness/spirit. This energy is in the form of PHOTONS,  which can travel through space and time. Researchers Popp, Dyson, and quantum physicist Bohm believed photons are related to consciousness. and established that the electromagnetic values relative to light (photons)  change. Bohm believed all matter in the universe – us too – is light, but in a frozen state and that photons probably carry all of the information about us. In other words, a blueprint of us, transferred from our earthly body to a new one, or from a frozen to a fluid state.

Physicists Nimtz and Stahlhofen ascertained photons travel faster than the speed of light, through a photon tunnel, which we call a wormhole, connecting one universe to another. From a religious perspective, this would indicate life and afterlife, or earth and heaven.

As one nears death, more photons are released from the body, making their cohesiveness more compact, with the end result a new “us.”

The stages accomplishing this transition have been summed up by NDE researchers to include the following:

Phase 1 the person’s consciousness/awareness separates from their physical body

Phase 2 they journey through a tunnel towards a heavenly light

Phase 3 approaching the light is a border separating this universe from the next one and  where those who return from such experiences are held back.

Phase 4 a return to the physical body or NOT

Phase 5 if returning, a unification with the physical body.

So, when one reaches the bright light, a blue/green or red/pink light is often witnessed. These colorful lights are probably due to the Doppler Effect and refer to approaching  matter/stars/stardust or receding from it. As one stands at the brink during Phase 3, these two color families represent whether one continues on to the next universe, or returns to the earthly one.

At death, researchers have studied the “mist/fog/light” that escapes the body  and conclude this is the release of photonic energy, transferring all of our “data” (ie shape and make up of our physical body) into the new form, which now travels faster than the speed of light to the new plane of existence.

Researchers such as Stephen Hawking have largely agreed that there are  two adjacent universes – resembling an “upper tornado and a lower tornado,” spinning in opposite directions with a vortex between them, much like an hourglass. The connective area between the two universes is sometimes referred to as the “silver cord” in scientific circles.

I found a verse in the Bible in Ecclesiastes 12:6 which states “….or ever the silver cord be loosed…then the Spirit shall return to God who gave it…”





This Is Us

Genesis 6 “…the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them; the same became mighty men…”

When I was in grammar school, I spent an inordinate amount of time just thinking. To say this got me into hot water is an understatement. Among my thoughts were questions about how certain individuals and hence families, came to acquire an ungodly amount of money, resources, and power. It never made sense, that in the natural order of things, some individuals possessed strange surpluses of energy which they used to elevate themselves way above the norm. This seemed  inhuman. Today I still wonder this, but my age (55), experience, and cynicism, have dovetailed in an effort to telescope so many points of view, theories, and mindsets into some sort of sense.

Throughout history, from ancient Sumerians recording their lives, through Biblical times, to the present day, there has been a lineage of superhumans, whose control over so many aspects of life is sinister, secretive, and outright evil. The Bible called them Nephilim, and they infused humankind not just with their genetics, but knowledge that has been channeled through a select few. Questions arise as to how such individuals came into power, maintained it, and carried it into future generations, and is the subject of this blog.

Dan Brown enthusiasts will recall the notes at the beginning of his novels. In The Da Vinci Code for example, secret societies are in fact real groups of individuals, and not some fantastic relic of a conspiracy theorist’s mind. The Freemasons, Illuminati, Bilderberg Group, among others, have initiates that are carefully chosen to learn spiritual, financial, and esoteric knowledge through their elite membership. Perhaps the most notable, and exclusive, is the Illuminati, whose membership is bloodline alone, and whose members are behind world governments, media networks, Hollywood, the music industry, the medical cartel, and  oil and trade, to name a few. “Yeah right,” you say with a yawn, “and just how could a select few control so many?” Case in point is Rupert Murdoch, whose media empire controls most of what we see funneled (and I do mean funneled) through the major networks. Tracing back from his point in history, 2017, how the hell did this man get to be where he is  today? If you travel through the annals of time, you’ll see a historical timeline of accumulated wealth. When you have the power to purchase on this scale,  you see how the owners of networks could control the flow of information that is piped into living rooms the world over.  Extrapolate that into the oil industry, which our society relies on like air, and you control much of the outcome of this resource. Medicine? Let’s consider the patenting of drugs, which require millions of dollars for just one patent, and the media empire that exposes the public to this drug, and the sway of the medical world, the advertisements, and the drug cartel (my name for the medical industry) and you have, in the words of Sebatian Junger, the “Perfect Storm” to carry out your plans to infiltrate society. Especially when so many people unquestioningly follow suit with the suggestions being parlayed to them.

Today we know some of these powerful families and groups. The House of Windsor, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Kennedys, Skull and Bones Society of Yale University, and the Roman Catholic Church, specifically the Black Pope, who is the Superior General of the religion, chosen and implanted in the highest office in the world for life. So where do these charming groups meet? Much evidence points to one such place called Bohemian Grove, located in the Redwoods Forest in northern California. Here, leaders of the world have been meeting in secret since sometime after  1872, when a stage actor from California founded the 2500 acre playground for old campers. I don’t know about you, but when I went to camp it surely was an innocent 2 weeks. Worshipping a 40′ owl, which is poised dead center of the estate by an artificial pond, leaders gather here annually to discuss world issues, sacrifice “effigy’s” of humans, supposedly to convince suspecting outsiders they would never sacrifice a real human, let alone children or babies. Naw. Photos of Carter, Reagan, Nixon, Clinton, Bushes senior and junior, are available through many google searches, so this is not a completely hooded affair, although it is close. And yes, the pun is intended.

How, for example, can one control the population? According to NSSM200 (short for National Security Memo) Henry Kissinger said in 1974, about reducing fertility and “allocation of resources to countries who practice population control…” When you consider the population explosion, resources that so many people need to survive, and the pyramid of control over such resources, it takes little imagination to see how the dispersion would be attractive to these people.

So, “this is us” as the Television drama calls itself, and we now have a new president who, on the face of things, seems contrary to this nobility, yet one has to wonder if he was not chosen, like his predecessors, to fulfill the desires of the elite. Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner, who is Senior White House Advisor and who owns 666 Fifth Avenue (are you following me here??) has a tenant by the name of Lucent Technologies, maker of many things technological, with microchips on their roster, which, we all know, are embedded in cell phones, for instance. Now they are undergoing research to imbed microchips under the skin, as a sort of depository for SS numbers, banking and health information, and perhaps criminal records.

Revelation 13: 16-18 “…causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on their hand or forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark….the number of the beast….is 666”

Revelation 14:9-11 “….if any man receives his mark in his forehead or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God…”




“Oh Come All Ye…..Diverse”

As we approach the final holidays of 2016, many of us celebrate in different ways, as a nod to our nationalities and cultures. So many competing religions and traditions have made celebrating politically motivated rather than a warm collaboration of beliefs, love, community, and family. So, as we exit the old year and greet the new, it is my hope we can all cast our grievances  aside and enjoy what we believe.

Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus, traditionally regard December 25 as the day of celebration, although Jesus was probably born in the Fall. While most are under the illusion this is a holiday culled from Jesus’ birth over 2000 years ago, in reality the tradition evolved from an ancient Roman pagan celebration called Saturnalia. commemorating the dedication of a temple to the god Saturn.

Celebrating Bodhi Day on December 8 are Buddhists, in honor of the enlightened state of the Buddha who escaped reincarnation, unlike the rest of humanity who reincarnate over and over to achieve perfection of their souls. While most traditional Buddhists shun  Christian themes, they do hold late night vigils during the season, send cards and light candles. The message spread during the celebrations is one of love, peace, and goodwill toward men (and women – wink)

Muslims celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice during the 12th lunar month of the Islamic year on December 31 and January 10th. This follows Hojj, a pilgrimage to Mecca, recalling the day Abraham was told by God to sacrifice his son Isthmael.

Hindus celebrate what is called Pancha Ganapati, a 5 day holiday from December 21-25. Each day honors an aspect of Ganesha, the Hindu God of Success, emblematic as an elephant deity riding a mouse! This signifies new beginnings and a mending of all mistakes.

One assumes Atheists are anathema to Christmas celebration, but this is not exactly true. While some reject the Christian doctrine in its entirety, most join in the festivities, although in a more celebratory than religious vein. Celebrating the Winter Solstice Dec 20- 23 (the actual day can vary from year to year), 3.1 % of the American population fall into this category. They also embrace “Newtonmas” in honor of Englishman Isaac Newton, born on December 25, the revolutionary and one of the most influential scientists of all time. Gift giving focuses mainly on science books and humanist tracts (see The Big Bang Theory)

Jews with their Hanukkah, have the “Feast of Dedication” and the “Festival of Lights,” an 8 day celebration from December 20 – 28 recalling the miracle in a Jerusalem temple during a war fought for religions freedom. The candles had oil to burn for but 1 day, yet miraculously lasted 8.

The Native American Indians observe the Winter Solstice. They honor the sun as it begins its “return” and the strength of budding life henceforth. Soyal is the name of the ceremony, encompassing 20 days of creating prayer sticks, purification rites, and feasts.

The Wiccans celebrate Yule at the Winter Solstice and Sabbat, which is one of 8 days of celebrations that include festivities with food and drink and even some traditional Christian rituals such as candle lighting. They honor the Divine, recharging of spiritual batteries, and the shifting energies of the earth.

Zoroastrians celebrate December 26 and observe Sartusht-no-diso, with prayers and a visit to their fire temples to commemorate the death of their  honorary god Zarathustra.

Druids follow pagan and polytheistic religions of Greece and Rome around the winter solstice.

And for the rest of us, Festivus is celebrated December 23 with a feast of turkey, ham, lamb stew, and pecan pie. In lieu of a Christmas tree, they erect an aluminum pole and bleat out “Airing of Grievances” and engage in “Feats of Strength” where the elders are wrestled to the ground aka Sienfeldia. So, that’s it in a nutshell….yada yada



Yesterday was a sad day for many, and a day of relief, laced with apprehension, for others. Because, c’mon let’s face it, the presidential contenders hardly represent what most Americans envision as presidential material. Candidates racked with scandal, runaway motormouths, wikileaks… Americans are now left to pick up the pieces from a divisive election, which mirrors our own fissures.

Trump has made promises for “Making America Great Again.” I’ll start with a few notable ones, and weigh in.

  1. Build a wall along US/ Mexican border. Somehow Mexico will pay for this, which will cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and require Congressional approval. Since Mexico is the third leading trade partner with the US, behind China and Canada, this will damage all countries, since we export $236 billion and import $295 billion.
  2. Deport most of the 11 million illegal immigrants. Trump may be able to overturn Obama’s more lenient immigration status, which would not require Congressional approval. With a teeming multi-cultural populace, this would devastate many individuals.
  3. Prosecute Hillary Clinton for treasonous behavior. Trump would hire a special prosecuting team to spring her from the shadows. Whether he finds enough evidence to prosecute remains to be seem.
  4. Renegotiate NAFTA. He could do this without Congressional approval but this would upset the Mexican/Canadian/US relationship, highly co-dependent, and leave US investors high and dry. They would likely sue the US. We have not violated a trade agreement since 1866 and to do so now would have unforeseen consequences for all intertwined countries.
  5. Ditch Obamacare. Yay! With insurance premiums sky high and no legislation to impact this, it’s a better idea for the country as a whole. What Trump replaces it with is anyone’s guess. Whatever he proposes, we need legislation that caps insurance rates, perhaps with government incentives and subsidies.
  6. Fire the incompetents at Veterans Affairs. Yay! Since our Vets are valuable and vulnerable citizens, providing a guaranteed physical and mental health care program is a must. Health cards that guarantee them access to any medical facility is a great start.
  7. Bring jobs back from China, Mexico, and Japan, grow the economy 6%, and reduce our 18 trillion dollar debt. Since many Trump products, such as his neckties, are made in China, I guess this also includes severing some cushy relationships. Growing the economy and reducing the national debt are worthy goals, but even Trump likely has no idea how to pull together every facet of our nation to accomplish this.

Let’s hope Trump can use some of his casino wins to implement his nirvana.

Menopause…Gives Me Pause

For all of you ladies past child bearing age (and a few in your thirties), this transitional phase has most likely affected you to some degree. With changing hormones, diminished reproductive capacity, and hot flashes, there are some remedies that can offset these symptoms. While menopause is a perfectly normal part of life, the variety of symptoms, and severity thereof, can appear like an unwanted guest in your home.

When a woman reaches her late 40’s and early 50’s, the process of menopause begins. Perimenopause, followed by menopause, and then post menopause, is the sequence of events this lead to this “change” of life. Menstrual periods become irregular, sometimes extremely heavy, sometimes skipping a month or two, and lead to a full year without a menstrual cycle, which is menopause. Having just one cycle during a 12 month span erases the menopause finish line. Once a full year has been experienced, then you are in post menopause.

Whether your symptoms are mild, severe, or nonexistent doesn’t seem contingent on menstrual history. I’ve known friends who suffered through debilitating menstrual cycles, with excessive bleeding, cramping, and PMS (premenstrual syndrome), yet were unaffected by menopause. On the other hand, some, like myself, have had an easy ride during our menstrual years, yet menopause has been horrendous. Payback is a bitch, or so it seems. There may be no correlation between the two phases, just as a dry summer does not guarantee a wet winter.

So what’s going on at this stage of a woman’s life? Hormones are decreasing and in flux, with estrogen and oestrogen declining. These nourish the growth and health of the reproductive organs. Progesterone, another female hormone, regulates the menstrual cycle, and testosterone, a male androgen hormone, affects the sexual makeup of the reproductive system. When these are imbalanced, symptoms of “the change” appear.

The most noticeable symptoms are :

1) Vaginal dryness, as the vaginal wall reduces the amount of fluid it creates, leaving the wall less pliable.

2) Mood swings, as hormones change, causing the mood to swing from happy to sad to moody.

3) Hot flashes, lasting anywhere from a minute to all day and night. These can last 10-15 years, until the hormone flux finally peters out.

4) UTI’s, which are urinary tract infections, may occur with frequency, since the vaginal wall is thinner and more susceptible to infections. Incontinence may also be a problem since your pelvic muscles may atrophy.

5) Decreased sex drive, as the body stops producing enough hormones, specifically testosterone, which regulates this.

6) Bodily aches, when a decline in the release of oestrogen can lead to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

7) Weight fluxuations, caused by the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which can cause the munchies, in an effort to quell these symptoms.

8) Poor cardiovascular health, with occasional chest pain due to a rise in blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The heart vessels become less flexible due to the loss of oestrogen.

9) Insomnia, which is usually caused by night sweats, upsetting the body’s temperature, which is ideally suited for sleep in 69 degrees or less.

10) Weakened fingernails and lackluster hair, since the synergistic ballet between hormones is out of whack.

Some women experience none of these symptoms; many, like myself, experience a few, while others get the whole shebang. Additionally, symptoms experienced during perimenopause may subside during menopause, so no two individuals are the same.

Fortunately there are remedies to offset this discomfort. For starters, knowing you are not going bonkers is nice to know! Exercises such as kegal help, strengthening the pelvic muscles, by squeezing in and letting out as you would to stop the flow of urine. These can really boost your muscular strength (and the pleasure of sex). A healthy diet, rich in fats and balanced with non-GMO soy products, low glycemic grains,  legumes, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables, will go a long way in alleviating the severity of symptoms. Flaxseed is known to reduce hot flashes. You can buy this in bulk at a health center or at better grocers. Sprinkle on your salads or in a smoothie with raw fruit.

An excellent product to try is called Estrovive. Backed by research at the National Library of Medicine, this hormone balancing formula is non-GMO and available on the web site Containing Black Cohosh, Isoflavones, Dong Quai, Vitex Berry, and Red Clover, the monthly supply will aid your efforts to get your groove back!








How’s Your Energy?

This blog is for a friend of mine who suffers from low energy, irritability, brain fog, and general malaise. Does this sound familiar to anyone? My friend is on a low-carb diet and has been instructed to eat – per his medical advisor – fish, eggs, and vegetables exclusively. He worries about how he is going to get out of bed in the morning since the symptoms are so severe.


What are the pros and cons of popular contemporary diets?

Let’s take a look at what might be the culprit. With all the diets proposed as the ultimate way to thrive, too many are extreme in one sense or another. The high fat diet, such as Atkins (like my friend’s), stresses  weight loss through restricted carbs, and works well, but not for one’s  overall health. Gluten-Free is all the rage now, which has encouraged the elimination of carbs in the form of breads, grains such as rice, beans, legumes, nuts and even some starchy vegetables such as corn and potatoes since gluten can be present when these foods are processed.The vegan diet focuses on plant based food in its original state, which leaves out healthy fats like unprocessed oils and raw butter. The high carb diet shuns fat, which is also unbalanced and excludes such nourishing foods as raw nuts. The Mediterranean diet is pretty balanced, with healthy fats, carbs, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and oils. While there are many others, these are the diets that most people gravitate towards. When you give up one nutritional source – such as fat – you deplete your system of the elements of a synergistically attuned health frame. To put all your eggs in one basket, is like investing in one company. Diversity is necessary for the proper balance of all your bodily systems, and when there is imbalance, symptoms such as my friend’s crop up.


What happens to my system when I eliminate carbs?

When you ingest fats but not carbohydrates, your liver metabolizes fat for energy, rather than the quicker, more efficient energy of carbs, and by carbs I stress eating only whole grain and unprocessed. Now your liver is forced to work harder with fats only, and this causes distress and exhaustion in the organ, which manifests in your energy levels. By contrast, your digestive tract converts carbs into glucose which powers every cell in your body and is the ONLY type of fuel your brain cells can use. Foggy brain anyone? If carbs are not ingested, the liver reaches a state called “ketosis” which means there are not enough carbs from food for cells to burn for energy, and instead burn fat. The liver then produces “keytones” which are substances that are made when the body breaks down fat for energy. High levels of keytones will show up in your liver, which will not be the case if it is functioning properly. Taken a step further, when keytones build up in your blood, they acidify it and a condition called “ketoacidosis” occurs. This condition can lead to coma or death if not addressed.


What are symptoms of liver distress?

Digestive discomfort and bloating

Cravings for sweet, starchy and salty foods

Fatigue and malaise

Difficulty concentrating and brain fog

Fluctuating moods and irritability

Low immunity

Aches and pains

Sleep issues


How can I test for liver distress?

At the local pharmacy or through a medical clinic, you can buy urine strips, or tablets for your urine that will test your ketosis levels and indicate liver dysfunction. Medications and Vitamin C will affect the outcome of the tests, so take it when your system is as free from these products as possible.

Collect your urine in a clean container. Avoid getting toilet paper, hair, or stool on strip or in urine sample.

The strips or tablets will change color if there are keytones present. In a healthy individual, there will be an absence of keytones.

If you find your liver producing keytones, there are strategies to take that will rejuvenate your liver, so that your energy levels return to normal and your symptoms  disappear.

  1. Eat a balanced diet of carbs and fat
  2. 50 mg daily of “reduced form Glutathione”
  3. Milk Thistle, of which Silymarin is a derivative and key active component in lowering oxidative stress in the liver
  4. A great source for the above is Synergy7 which sells the product for $14.95 a bottle. Health Stores will also carry #2 and #3.
  5. Meditate daily, even for 10 minutes. Breathe in, hold the breath, and release, all in five second intervals. This is a great de-stressor, with health enhancing results.

How many carbs are needed daily for the average adult? 400 grams is a good amount, but should also be balanced with healthy fats such as grass fed organically raised meats, dairy, and fish, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, healthy oils such as pure coconut and olive, and a plethora of organic fruits and vegetables. Not everyone can afford to eat organically, but do your best and strive for this ideal.